Our Core Competencies

The ten competencies that have been developed around these values are briefly described below.

Strategy Delivery

Performance through People Effectively manages own time and resources to deliver agreed performance goals and objectives.

Partnership Building

Works collaboratively with others to facilitate the accomplishment of team goals.


Effectively explores alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain the support and acceptance of all parties.

Customer Intimacy

Listens to the needs of the customer and takes responsibility to fulfil these in a way that exceeds customer expectations while delivering business results for the organisation.

Information Sharing

Proactively seeks information required for effective job performance, openly shares information with others.

Visible Leadership

Demonstrates the company's values when interacting with others, firmly adheres to codes of conduct and ethical principles.

Growth Drive

Takes action to improve existing processes, implements solutions to improve team and business performance.

Capability development

Develops personal capabilities for current and future job requirements.

Change Leadership

Continuously seeks and is open to, opportunities to address problems, accepts the need for change and actively participates.

Afrox offers bursaries to full time students in Metallurgy, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial and Electrical Engineering. Higher Grade Mathematics and Higher Grade Science are pre-requisites.

The company also runs the "Afrox Graduate in Training" programme for graduates in the fields specified above and also the Accounting TOP Programme.