Making a Difference

At Afrox we believe we make a difference not only to the lives of our customers and employees, but also the wider community in which our businesses operate.

We are very proud of our Community Involvement Programme, which requires participation from employees, and benefits more than 80 homes and charities and over 8 000 disadvantaged children.

Afrox is on the cutting edge of development and growth drive. Our aim is to become a High Performance Organisation and in 2007, Afrox invested R1 billion in capital expenditure projects.

We provide bursary support to high achieving, previously disadvantaged students of engineering, and encourage continued learning amongst our staff. In addition, succession planning and career development are high priorities and we have put formal structures in place to support the ongoing development of our people.

We are committed to creating a diverse and demographically representative workforce and both managers and consultative forums within the business have contributed to the development of guidelines for implementing affirmative action and employment equity strategies in their areas. The company conducts annual qualitative and quantitative analyses to assess our progress toward achieving our equity goals, and our executive teams actively seek to facilitate the achievement of these goals.

Afrox offers bursaries to full time students in Metallurgy, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial and Electrical Engineering. Higher Grade Mathematics and Higher Grade Science are pre-requisites.

The company also runs the "Afrox Graduate in Training" programme for graduates in the fields specified above and also the Accounting TOP Programme.